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 I've made quite a few things for the house.  This bookcase is oak and about 14 feet long












 Fileplace Mantel


I did this fireplace mantel in OAK because my wife wanted a level shelf to place things on.  Because I thought it might get too hot when the fireplace is in use, I made it removable.










Entertainment Center


My wife and I both have extensive collections of records and tapes, and the entertainment centers available do not have enough storage space to accommodate all the equipment, records, tapes, and VCR tapes that we have.  At present the center is only two sections. I have a design for a third section to contain a television set.










Custom Made Pen


I also make pens, pencils, desk sets, and other doodads for friends and family.  The pictures don't do them justice though.  

You can see more pen photos in the Photo Gallery.

Click on the images to see a larger size








Personal Card

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