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These are RULES I have created as guidance with my life.  These are always true!


    1. Look out for yourself;  then at least one person will be looking out for you!
    2. Help others unless it harms you.
    3. When words and actions disagree, BELIEVE actions!
    4. People vote with their feet!
    5. The statement "I don't want to do this, but..." is semantically equivalent to the statement "I want to do this"!
    6. A person who speaks of sacrifice at length is talking about someone else.  This is especially true of politicians
    7. People believe others capable of what they themselves are capable of.
    8. 70 to 80 percent of being able to do something is being willing to try!
    9. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone!  If something is important, DO IT NOW!
    10. Death is the price you pay for life; but I would not trade one to avoid the other!
    11. Praise in public;  criticize in private!
    12. You will meet some people you do not like.  The reverse is also true.


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