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2003 Coleman Family Reunion

Event:   Coleman Family Reunion

Date:   September 28, 2003

VISITING TIME: 10:30 AM to12 Noon



Dinner:   Potluck Picnic Lunch at 12:30pm

Place:   Hegins Park "Eating House" building near east side of Park

2003 Coleman Reunion

    Please note, we have added 1 1/2 additional hours prior to beginning our Coleman Reunion business meeting this year to accommodate those interested in mingling, greeting, visiting, and enjoying fellowship with our family. The 2001 Coleman Reunion was a great success. We met some new COUSINS from the Peter Coleman line. Everyone seemed to enjoy the "Coleman History Tour". Due to the events of the September 11, 2001 tragedy, it was unfortunate that some of the new Cousins we planned on meeting from Kansas, Florida and Maryland were unable to attend. We anticipate meeting more new COUSINS this year from the Peter Coleman line and some descendants of Fred Coleman.




Pot-Luck Luncheon

    The reunion committee will provide hamburg barbeque and rolls, table service, and a cake. We are asking that each family should bring a favorite dish to share (salads, deviled eggs, vegetable tray, pickles, fruit tray, etc.). Everyone should bring his or her own non-alcoholic beverage(s). There will be a stove and refrigerator available.




Reunion Meeting Location

    This year we are holding our Reunion at Hegins Park and are also holding a Dedication Ceremony in honor of the plaque erected in the park to honor Fred Coleman our family "Marksman". The Dedication Ceremony will begin at 3 P.M. There are play areas for the children including swings, slides, etc.




Directions to Hegins Park Community Center

    Take Exit 112 off I-81, go approximately 9 miles west on Rt. 25. At town of Hegins, turn left off Main Street onto Park Lane. At stop sign turn right onto Chestnut Street. At first intersection, make left onto lane into Hegins Park. Parking area can be seen on left, east of pool area. The reunion will be held in the "Eating House" building near east side of Park.




2003 Reunion Publication Expanded

    This year our reunion publication is expanded to include living descendants (retirement age) as well as deceased family members of Joseph Coleman and his descendants. Prior publications (1995-2001) only included deceased family members. If you notice omissions, it is because some family members did not wish to be included at this time or were not aware of our change to include living descendants.

    Joseph is the second son born to Peter and Elizabeth Artz Coleman. Peter is the third son and sixth child born to Carl and Barbara Stein Coleman. Elizabeth Artz is the daughter of Philip and Barbara (Kuntzleman) Artz. Peter and Elizabeth had two sons and eight daughters. Our 2001 publication included their first son, Simon, and their eight daughters, Nellie, Regina, Elizabeth, Catherine, Lydia, Susanna, Hannah and Barbara Coleman. Special thanks goes to all those who have given pictures and information regarding descendants of Joseph Coleman and his two wives and their families.




Establishment of the Coleman Family Association

    In order to have funds for tombstone restoration, preservation, and/or replacement of our ancestors’ tombstones/headstones, we have designed a Coleman Family Legacy tapestry. Laura C. Willier contacted Pure Country, Inc. who agreed to stitch the tapestry. We then had to obtain a tax number and are required to charge sales tax on everything we sell including our publications.




Tombstone/Headstone Project

    A project of the Coleman Family Association is the restoration and preservation or replacement of the old 100year (+) marble headstones of our ancestors. These older stones are found on the Coleman and Artz Cemeteries. In Fall 2002, the marble headstones (broken) of Hannah and Simon Coleman were replaced at a cost of $875.00.

    There are two headstones that are not to be replaced, but must be refurbished and preserved intact, one each at the Coleman and Artz Cemeteries. Refurbishing and preservation of the headstone and resting place in the Coleman Cemetery of our patriarch Charles "Carl" Coleman, whose epitaph is in German, and the headstone of his son Peter in the Artz Cemetery, is a very unique headstone. Peter’s stone was hand crafted by the renowned pastor and stone mason, Rev. Isaac Faust Stiely. The Rev. Stiely headstones are decorative, artistic works and should not be destroyed. This headstone must be preserved for future generations. A reliable professional stone conservator must be found to restore these unique headstones.

    We encourage donations to our tombstone restoration fund. Thus far the following have made contributions: Laura C. Willier, Karen Koppenhaver, Pam Austin, Chester Coleman, and Clara Coleman.

    In order to have funds for tombstone preservation purposes, we have designed a Coleman Family Legacy tapestry; size is 54" X 70". All profits from sale of tapestry will go into the tombstone restoration fund. The tapestry should be available for purchase at our reunion on September 28, 2003. Forty (40) tapestries have been ordered. The cost to purchase a tapestry is $60.00 each plus sales tax of $3.60 for a total cost of $63.60. Payment in personal check is acceptable with proper identification.





Family Photos

    We are asking everyone to please pull out those old family photos and put them in a safe place to bring with you to the reunion. Please bring them even if they are damaged or torn, as Randy Smith can fix most minor flaws after scanning them into his computer. He can also make a copy of them on a disc for you if you’d like. We would like to save your old photos to disc so that we will have them available for our Family Tree Maker files. We will share our Coleman file with anyone who has FTM 5.0 or above. Also, if you have any updates (marriages, births, divorces, deaths, etc…), please send them to Pam Austin, 608 W. Second St, Hummelstown, Pa 17036 or e-mail them to Pam at "> prior to the reunion. Update sheets will be available for completion or returning to Pam at the reunion




Many "Thanks" to All of our Contributors

We would also like to thank all those listed below who have contributed information and/or photos for this year’s publication:

Elwood Artz;

Marie & Marvin Artz, Jr.;

Pam Nowicki Austin;

Kay & William Balizet;

Jane Scheib Branchick;

Pauline Artz Carroll;

Donald G Coleman;

Doris & Archie Coleman;

Gordon William Coleman;

Lois & Oscar Coleman, Jr.;

Ralph & Janet Coleman;

Richard Charles Coleman;

Richard Gordon Coleman;

Ronald Clarence Coleman;

Vera Artz Coleman;

Judy Coleman Dardzinski;

Florence Furman Foster;

Yvonne Artz Frantz;

Karen Hanks;

Opal & Clif Jackson;

Orval N Koppenhaver, Jr.;

Dorothy Coleman McCurdy;

Eleanor Coleman Miller;

Mary Coleman Minch;

James Moore;

Eleanore Artz Morgan;

James Nice;

Arlene Coleman Otto;

Sandy Coleman Riley;

Robert Ross;

Ronald Ross;

Guy Schieb & Sisters;

Pam Schnieder,

Sherry Coleman Shallenberger;

Shirley Coleman Smith;

Marjorie Coleman Stainbrook;

Linda Staubs;

Robert Stevens;

Vicki Nowicki Stover;

Betty Coleman Strouse;

Helen Coleman Tennis;

Nancy Coleman Troutman;

Jake Umholtz;

Sharon Artz Wiest;

Laura Coleman Willier;

David Wyche; and

Sharon Artz Zimmerman.




Reunion Booklets

    Copies of the 2001, 1999, and 1997 reunion booklets are still available for $5.00 plus tax of $0.30 each. Anyone interested in obtaining copies of the following booklets, should write to Pam Austin, 608 W. Second St, Hummelstown, Pa. 17036 or e-mail her at ">. Copies of the 2003 reunion book will be sold for more than a nominal fee + tax @ 6% each due to the cost of printing this much larger book.

1995 – Descendants of Peter Coleman – superseded by the 2003 publication

1997 – Descendants of eldest son, John Coleman

1999 – Descendants of Frederick Coleman

2001 – Descendants of first son, Simon, and eight daughters of Peter Coleman

2003 - Descendants of second son of Peter, Joseph Coleman




Reunion Committees

As everyone knows, a lot of work goes into planning a reunion. It becomes quite time-consuming if just a few people have to handle everything. Therefore, if anyone is willing to serve on the following committees for this year’s reunion, please e-mail "> or write to Randy L. Smith at 2291 Forest Hills Drive, Harrisburg, PA 17112-1035 or telephone him at 717-545-1076 prior to the reunion.

Table Committee: Will need to arrive early to set up tables, place paper on them and help decorate them.

Kitchen Set-Up Committee: Will need to arrive early to organize buffet tables.

Hot & Cold Beverages: Everyone will bring their own non-alcoholic beverage(s).

Picture Taking: We will take family and group pictures and make copies available for sale at the price of $10.60, which includes sales tax.

Clean-Up Committee: Will need to stay late to help with clean up.




Newsletter Addresses

    If you know of any family members who should be added to our mailing list for an invitation to the reunion, as well as receiving newsletters and publications, please send them to Pam Austin and/or Randy Smith. Also, feel free to pass the word to any Coleman family members you know about our reunion.

So make your plans now. Be sure to put September 28, 2003 on your calendar and plan to attend this year’s Coleman reunion! It looks to be another great reunion with lots of fun for all!


Coleman Tapestry






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