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Presidential Campaigns

 There is a new horror movie coming out in 2016.  The name of this soon to be horror show is "President Donald Trump"!



 Adjustable Rate

In most contexts the words "Adjustable Rate" means "Scam".




The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court did more damage to demoracy in America with the Citizens United ruling than the 9/11 Terrorists did!  They have wreaked the system that was working fairly well.  Maybe their next move should be to move to some small country in Central or South America! 

Change the name of the US to "Corporate States of America".  We could also change the state name.  Some suggestions for state names;  Citibank State (formerly New York),  Commonwealth of Verizon (formerly Pennsylvania), etc.   -- you get the idea.





Some people ask if I smoke.  My answer is: "My father died of lung cancer.  One of my last memories of my father is carrying him 20 feet from the bedroom to the bathroom.  He couldn't walk that far.  It was easy to carry him though.  He only weighed about 80 lbs."  

I DO NOT SMOKE!  Smoking is a way to spend lots of money on a disgusting addiction so you can die at an early age in horrible agony




The reason most people are "undecided" is that they realize that either or both candidates would say any-thing to get elected.

Events since the last line was written demonstrate this fact.

The energy industry contributed 70 million dollars to the Republican party.  A bill in Congress would give them subsidies of 16 billion dollars.  I wish I could get a ROI (return on investment) like that!

If the Bush administration could be taken to court for their environmental policies, the most appropriate charge would be rape.

Intaxication:  Euphoria at getting a tax refund, which lasts until you realize it was your money to start with.

Choosing between Democrats and Republicans is like picking whether you want to be robbed at knife-point or gun-point!

 I suspect that if the Weapons Inspectors want to find Iraq's "Weapons of Mass Destruction", President Bush's head is the place to look!

Lets see.... When President Bush took office we were the most respected nation on the planet, we had a budget surplus, our economy was going gang busters.   Eight years later, we have a financial system and economic meltdown, most countries in the world either hate us or don't want anything to do with us, and we have a deficit that will bankrupt our country!    In only eight years he and the Republicans accomplished so much!

To paraphrase Pogo;   "We have met the enemy and we are him!"

President Bush has created an unending supply of terrorists.

Let's see;   We have wire-taps without warrants, secret prisons, secret trials, imprisonment without trial.  Amazing!   I moved to the Soviet Union and didn't even have to change my mailing address!



Politics 2009

The Republicans are not satisfied with being the minority party, they want to go all the way to marginal party!

Republicans really need health care particularly the Mental Health provisions.

I've given serious thought to telling some of the Republicans that their psychiatric medications are not working!

Republicans are the best in one category.  They lie better than anyone else.



Pennsylvania Politics

My disgust with Pennsylvania politics is INFINITE!  My solution for the continuing budget debacles we suffer every year could be eliminated by passing a law that if the budget isn't passed on time, the legislature, their staff, the Govenor, and his entire staff WOULD NOT BE PAID FOR THAT ENTIRE FISCAL YEAR!



Driving and Road Rage

The main problem with the roads can be summed up in one single, clear, succinct, statement. 

YOU drive like a JERK!


You think stop signs are a suggestion!

You think; if red stop means STOP, and  green stop means GO ,  yellow stop means GO FASTER!  

Those signs "Speed Limit" along the road are NOT minimums.  

Driving is NOT a contact sport.  

Your horn is NOT connected to the brake!

There is NO prize for getting there first!  If you get there without accident, the prize you get is to keep your money and your life!  

I see people every day that want to be 1st on the scene of the accident.  I think to myself, "Don't worry, they won't start the accident until you get there".  They sometimes succeed and the police have a special name for them;  "accident victim".  I once saw two people stop at a four way stop sign, look each other directly in the eye, and then proceed to smash into each other in the middle of the intersection.  I stopped and made sure no one was hurt, then left commenting that, "It's nice to see two idiots meet in the road!"




Microsoft recently got hacked.  I wonder what software they were using, and what software are YOU using?

The most popular oxymoron "Military Intelligence" was recently replaced by a new most popular oxymoron "Microsoft Security"

Famous Disasters:     Three Mile Island - '79;   Chernobyl - '86;   Windows - '95 thru present

Anyone who uses either Microsoft Outlook or Internet Explorer is wearing a sign on their back saying "Kick Me!"

 I constantly see where companies are touting that they are partnering with Microsoft.  Of course all those companies go out of business after they teach Microsoft all about their own business.  Microsoft recently advertised MSN as the "practical alternative to AOL".  AOL refused to partner with Microsoft.

That ad must do wonders for the ego of the CEO of AOL!!!!!




Marketing:   euphemism for lying.

New: same as before

Improved: smaller

People who work in marketing have no problem with the truth, and wouldn't recognize it  even if they stumbled over it!

I have been tempted to ask someone; "Do you know you are lying?"  I know you are lying, but the question is whether THEY know it!

Phillip Morris commissioned a study to determine if there are any positive economic benefits from smoking.  They determined that smokers die younger and therefore don't collect pension benefits or Social Security.  (This is NOT an urban legend, I have a copy of the newspaper article!)   They have also changed their name as they don't want to be associated with the pain and suffering resulting from smoking.

If there was Truth in Advertising, the notice before Infomercial's should say, "The management of this television network is not responsible for the lies told by the sponsors of this program!"

It looks like most companies are intent on selling less for more.   They package products to deceive you about how much you are getting and it is quite intentional.  If you want to prove this, take a bag of chips or nachos and turn it upside down.  Can you get more than half a bag of these products any longer?  When did you last see a 3 lb can of coffee?   a 1/2 gallon of ice cream?  16 oz bottles of almost anything?  4 oz containers of jello?  These companies don't raise their prices except that they sell you less.  The winner(?) will be the company that is able to sell empty boxes.

XXL   "an obscure Chinese ideogram applied to clothing"   Nearest English translation - medium!




Some time ago, companies discovered they could make more money by not having any loyalty to their employees.  Now employees don't have any loyalty to their company.  Companies are perplexed by this!?

The CEO's that stole money from their companies or caused their companies to go bankrupt should be stripped of ALL assets down to their underwear then put in federal prison with a cell-mate named "Bubba". This would explain the term "Hostile Takeover" to them much better than I could!

The Dilbert comic strip is sooooo accurate that sometimes when I see the strip, a face just pops into my head.



Ponzi Schemes

People still haven't learned the expression "If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is".

Bernie Madoff should be glad he is in prison.  Some of the people he swindled out of money have a very simple concept of right and wrong.  Bernie should make sure his Will is up to date and life insurance paid.



Jews and Arabs

God really screwed the Jews and the Arabs.  He gave both of them the same land and then told them that they could commit any atrocity to keep it.   They have been fighting for over 5,000 years!  The saddest thing about this is that they are both descended from Abraham.  In effect, they are brothers.  This single statement should make both of them equally mad!

I heard this idea recently and I don't remember where I heard it.  Build a 50 foot high wall around the entire middle east.  Throw weapons and ammunition over the wall.  Continue until the firing stops.  Disassemble the wall.  Everyone inside will be dead at this point so you can rebuild the area from scratch.

Any peace plan that divides the land between Jews and Arabs is doomed to failure.  Instead, divide the land between those who want to live peaceably, and those that want to kill each other.  Then let the killers kill each other off.

There are approximately as many Jews who want to kill Arabs as there are Arabs who want to kill Jews.

Even ONE is too many.   

I pray to the Lord of Creation that they both find peace... 

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